About Ana

I am a full time potter living in the western district of country Victoria, Australia. I make a range of hand - thrown domestic ware for daily use, as well as some sculpture. The domestic forms I produce - vases, bowls, milk jugs and platters - have a clean, contemporary style, reflecting my Danish background. They are glazed in a range of colours and fired in my gas kiln. 

My education in ceramics began in Denmark where I undertook a traineeship as a potter. The emphasis of this training was on production throwing, demanding the development of a high degree of skill on the potter's wheel. 
The traineeship also took me to England and France, including a time at La Borne pottery village. This gave me exposure to a wide variety of studio practices and methods of firing. 

On my arrival in Australia I worked for several years at Qdos Arts in Lorne, under the guidance of Graeme Wilkie. At Qdos I was introduced to sculptural work in clay. My sculptural forms are hand built, slowly, from coils, and fired in a variety of wood kilns. Like my domestic ware, my sculptures are strong, simple forms with unembellished surfaces. I think this demonstrates how strong the influence of my Danish background remains on the design and making of my work.